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There are plenty of reasons to choose, and love, crystal. Maybe it’s because we work with you to build a cleaning plan, tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • bathroom deep cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Disinfecting
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Tile & Grout cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Builders cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Techniques According to
Industry Best Practices.

Crystal commercial cleaning in SA are here to help with all your commercial cleaning needs. The team at crystal are committed to provide highest standards of commercial cleaning in the industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions

''Why should I chose Crystal Cleaning Services ?''
Crystal property cleaning service team comprises of well experienced people and we do guarantee an excellent high standard service, at an affordable price.
''How long would it take to clean my house ? ''
Average time to perform a House Cleaning Service basically depends on the size of the house and type of cleaning services requested. The first time we service your home, we perform a deep clean to bring your home to the finest condition
``Can I change / reschedule my appointment time?``
If you have a need to change an appointment time, ideally, we would like a minimum of 24 hours in advance notice. We'll move your visit to another convenient time or if you wish, cancel it all together.
'' What payment methods are accepted ? ''
We accept cash, cheque and credit cards. You have all the rights to decide.

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